About us

The team who make up Spirit Streams are everyday people who have experienced extraordinary transformation through encountering the Spirit of Christ.

The deep spiritual hunger inside each one of us is satisfied as we become filled to overflowing with the ecstasy and joy of the presence of the Spirit within and the sharing which happens with our communities.

We come from different walks of life and cultures but we have all experienced profound levels of healing at the hands of the Christ. Physical, emotional and spiritual. The exquisite kindness and gentleness of the Great Spirit astounds us as we are drawn into deeper relationship and unfolding revelation of our divine identity.

The eyes of our heart have been flooded with His light and opened to the spiritual realms to taste and discover the amazing and abundant life in the Spirit. We come to share all of this freely. The Master gave to us freely and taught His followers to do the same!

To walk in the power of the Spirit is the most exhilarating and fulfilling way of life for us as we learn how to see into and access the invisible spiritual realm so we manifest the reality of heaven back to earth.

Life in the Spirit is living continual communion with our Ascended Master Christ. We do not embrace human religious traditions (which are ritual or formula based).

It is our collective desire to bring love and blessing to people wherever we go.

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