What we do..

Healing Stream

Our team all work with the Spirit of Christ to bring forth supernatural healing from the invisible spirit realm into the physical areas which need healing. This is generally done by placing a hand on the shoulder of the person and letting the Spirit flow through us. We regularly see people receive healing for a range of conditions and relief from pain as the power of the Spirit is manifested.

When Christ walked the earth 2,000 years ago, his life was characterised by extraordinary healings of physical diseases and conditions. As a true master, he bestowed this gift on many of his followers when he walked the earth and also throughout the ages. Today we are seeing an unprecedented multiplication of this healing power manifested upon the earth through everyday people.  We welcome you to receive from us.


Spiritual Blessing Stream

Words are powerful. They can bring life and when used with the insight and power of the Spirit, the recipient can be empowered for their spiritual journey and activated in their destiny. Using the spiritual insight given by Christ, our team would love to speak a unique blessing into your life and call out the hidden treasure within you.

We connect with you by placing a hand on your shoulder and allowing the Spirit to flow through us. We love to give blessings and see people encouraged and strengthened for their life purpose.


Supernatural Encounter Stream

All of our team regularly experience the ecstasy and the bliss that comes from encountering the presence of the Christ. Entering into this realm of the Spirit may result in experiencing visions, deep peace, an overwhelming sense of love or an awakening of identity and purpose..possibly a combination of these.

Our team would love to lead you on a brief journey to encounter the Spirit of Christ..and the Spirit wants to encounter you too. Just one touch can change everything.


Dream Interpretation Stream

The act of sleeping can free us from a focus on the material world and cause us to enter into a realm where we can receive messages from the Spirit. The language of the Spirit in the dream realms is typically one of mystery and metaphor, hidden on the surface but often full of rich revelation and messages.

Rather than looking to a particular formula, our trained practitioners rely on the wisdom and fresh insight of Christ to bring interpretation and meaning to dreams.

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