The Great Spirit

May you freely receive..

Spirit Streams is a metaphor for the reality of the endless source of love, life, power and purity which flows from the Universal Presence of the Christ and is freely available to all.

The Christ taught that rivers of living water would flow from those who followed and continually embraced his teachings.

As followers we are amazed at the love, power and revelation available to anyone who wants to open their heart and receive. The heartbeat of the Master is love and the door of abundance is open to all.

The Spirit flows and fills our spaces according to need..there are healing streams, streams of blessing, supernatural streams of deep personal encounter and streams of wisdom to decode visions and dreams.

We are learning to use the same healing energy and methods Christ used when He walked the earth 2,000 years ago. Whilst it is pure joy to see someone receive supernatural healing for a sickness or injury, so many people have also experienced deep emotional pain and trauma and need healing.

The divine unconditional love of the Great Spirit is being poured out to touch and transform lives. This love has the power to heal such wounds and restore identity and life purpose.

May you freely receive the streams of living water freely available to you.